Mission Statement - ASM Division C

Division C (Clinical Microbiology) is comprised of members who are interested in methods for detection, isolation, identification, characterization, and susceptibility testing of viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic pathogens.  Division C members are also involved in detecting microbial products of diagnostic significance such as toxins, antigens and nucleic acids.  Division C members participate in diagnosis-oriented investigations of these infectious agents.

The members of ASM have the opportunity to select a major specialty area with which to align as a primary voting member.  In addition, members may also select a secondary association as a non-voting member.  These specialty areas comprise the ASM Division Structure that includes 26 Divisions in four Divisional Groups.  Division C is the largest Division with almost 7,300 members and it is one of the five Divisions making up Division Group I (Diagnostic Microbiology and Epidemiology).  Divisional Officers and Officers of Divisional Groups are elected by Annual Ballot.  Each year at the General Meeting, Division C has a business meeting where all members are welcome.

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