Division C Officers

Incoming Officer Contact Information

Past Officer Information (1986 - 2009)


Term Expires July, 2010
Carol Ann Rauch
Baystate Medical Center
759 Chestnut St.
Springfield, MA 01199

Voice: 413-794-8793
Fax: 413-794-5893
Email: Carol Ann Rauch 
Chair Elect
Term Expires July, 2010
Robert L. Sautter
Carolinas Pathology Group
P.O. Box 34455
Charlotte, NC 28234-1039

Voice: 704-355-3476
Fax: 704-355-2156
Email: Robert L Sautter 
Division Advisor
Term Expires July, 2010
Ellen Jo Baron
Stanford Univ. Hospital
H1537-J, Microbiology Lab
300 Pasteur Drive
Stanford, CA 94305-5250

Voice: 650-725-3773
Fax: 904-202-2795
Email: Ellen Jo Baron 
Term Expires July, 2010
Judith C. Lovchick
210 W. 19th St. Apt. 2G
New York, NY 10011

Voice: 212-447-2896
Fax: 212-447-8167
Email: Judith Lovchik
Alternate Councilor
This position now vacant

Past Officers

Year Chair Councillors
2008-09 Ellen Jo Baron Judith Lovechik
2007-08 James Snyder Barbara Robinson-Dunn
2006-07 Diane Halstead Barbara Robinson-Dunn
2005-06 David L. Tison Ellen Jo Baron
2004-05 Roberta B. Carey Ellen Jo Baron
2003-04 Gerri S. Hall Joel E. Mortensen
2002-03 Paul P. Bourbeau Joel E. Mortensen
2001-02 Paul C. Schreckenberger Diane Halstead
2000-01 Janet A. Hindler Diane Halstead
1999-00 Betty A. Forbes P. Susan Whittier
1998-99 Ronald J. Zabransky P. Susan Whittier
1997-98  J.Michael Miller Mary R. Gilchrist
1996-97 Daniel Sahm Mary R. Gilchrist
1995-96 Mary Jane Ferraro Ronald J. Zabransky
1994-95 Peter H. Gilligan Ronald J. Zabransky
1993-94 Ann Robinson Judy A. Daly
1992-93 Stephen G. Jenkins Judy A. Daly
1991-92 Mary Gilchrist Patrick R. Murray
1990-91 Paul A. Granato Patrick R. Murray
1989-90 Joan E. Sondag Mary Jane Ferraro
1988-89 Gary V. Doern Mary Jane Ferraro
1987-88 James H. Jorgensen
1986-87 Patrick Murray

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