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Medical Mycology

Dr. Juneann Murphy
Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center
P.O. Box 26901
Room 1053 BMSB
Oklahoma City, OK 73190
Telephone: 405-271-3117
FAX: 405-271-3117

Dr. Judith C. Rhodes
Associate Professor
University of Cincinnati
P.O. Box 670529
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0529
Telephone: 513-558-0130
FAX: 513-558-2289

Dr. John R. Perfect
Duke University Medical Center
Trent Dr.
Durham NC 27710
Telephone: 919-684-4016
FAX: 919-684-8902

Alternate Councilor
Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum
Center for Medical Mycology and Mycology Reference Laboratory
Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals of Cleveland
11100 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44106-5028
Telephone: 216-844-8580
Fax: 216-844-1076

Outgoing Chair
Dr. Karl V. Clemons
California Institute for Medical Research
2260 Clove Drive
San Jose, CA 95128
Telephone: 408-998-4557
FAX: 408-998-2723

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