New Publications in Mycoplasmology

The American Society for Microbiology Press has recently published Cumitech 34: "Laboratory Diagnosis of Mycoplasma Infections". Authors are: Ken Waites, Cecile Bébéar, Janet Robertson, Deborah Talkington, and George Kenny. Coordinating editor: Frederick Nolte.

Cumitechs are published on a variety of topics relevant to diagnostic microbiology. This represents the first revision of the Mycoplasma Cumitech since the mid-1980's Cumitech 34 includes a comprehensive review and discussion of cultural, serological, and molecular-based diagnostic tests to detect and characterize mycoplasmas of human origin. Flow charts suitable for laboratory procedure manuals are included along with descriptions of commercially available diagnostic kits. serologic assays, and methods for performing and interpreting antimicrobial susceptibility tests. Detailed media formulations and sources for purchase of reagents needed for laboratory diagnosis of mycoplasmal infections are also listed. A new feature of this Cumitech that has never before been assembled is a listing of all of the CPT code numbers defined for various diagnostic procedures relevant to mycoplasma detection that clinical laboratories in the United States must use to obtain reimbursement for performing the procedure. This publication was developed as a collaborative project of the IRPCM Chemotherapy Team.

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