Cell and Structural Biology

Welcome to our newly renovated Division J Website.

Division J is part of Divisional Group IV (Molecular Microbiology, Physiology, and Virology) of the ASM. This divisional group also includes Divisions H (Genetics and Molecular Biology), K (Microbial Physiology and Metabolism), M (Bacteriophage), S (DNA viruses), T (RNA viruses), X (Molecular, Cellular and General Biology of Eukaryotes) and AA (Free-Living, Symbiotic and Parasitic Protists).

Mission Statement

Division J is concerned with ultrastructural analyses of microbial cells and of communities of microbial cells adherent to surfaces using biochemical, genetic, and microscopical techniques which yield information concerning organization on the molecular, cellular, and community levels.

Proposed New Mission Statement

The officers of Division J are proposing the following modified Mission Statement to reflect changes in the division's areas of interest. This new Mission Statement is currently being discussed by the members of the division and, if agreed to by the membership, will be used in the future. Please contact your division officers and express your thoughts to them.

Division J is concerned with the structure and cellular function of components of microorganisms with respect to the internal and collective organization of cells and through analysis by biochemical, genetic, and imaging techniques. Topics of interest include surface layers and appendages, cytoskeleton, nucleoid, intracellular compartments, cell motility, structure and function of (macro)molecules, morphogenesis, cell signaling, and biofilms.