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Making models of virions
It´s easy to make paper models of virus heads
  • The icosahedron server shows templates for making paper icosahedra, and illustrations of assembled icosahedra, for a wide variety of T-numbers
    author of this site Chunxu Qu
  • A teacher´s guide to building the icosahedron as a class project
    Frederick Wicklin, The Geometry Center, University of Minnesota
Other tutorials relevant to phages
  • Viruses. This site presents viruses, including bacteriophages, at a beginning level, with many definitions, figures, animations, and suggested activities.
    Dr. Gary Kaiser, Community College of Baltimore County
  • An Electronic Introduction to Molecular Virology
    Ed Rybicki, University of Capetown
  • A tutorial on Virus Ultrastructure, that includes discussions of the principles of virus architecture and electron microscopy. Alas, the illustrations do not include bacteriophages.
    Linda Stannard, University of Capetown
  • For additional college level on-line course materials on bacteriophages see our Links page.
Science teaching resources for K12 programs
Books about bacteriophages
  • These books give access to basic information about phages in general, or about specific phages.
Journals about teaching
Microbiology teaching resources
Inquiry-based & Cooperative Learning Methods
These sources are not specific to phages but in general apply to teaching biology at many levels
Access to WWW biology library
Links, for teachers, to other links listings on the World Wide Web

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