Alice in virusland

Alice drawing

Title: Alice in Virusland

Artist: Original black-and-white drawing by Paul F. Clark 1938,
colorized 1995 by Bob Duda (University of Pittsburgh)

Medium: Ink on paper, scanned image colorized by computer. The original is in the story
Alice in Virusland by Paul F. Clark, Madison WI, published by the Society of American Bacteriologists (later renamed the American Society for Microbiology). See the ASM Timeline for 1938.

Although the virus pictured is named influenza virus in the text, as everyone knows,
"all the world's a phage" (1).

The original book is offered for sale by various online finders of old books.

(1) Hendrix, R. W. "The long evolutionary reach of viruses", Curr Biol 1999 Dec 16-30; 9(24):R914-7