Lambda cookie

lambda cookie

Title: Lambda cookie

Artist: Brandi Baros, University of Pittsburgh

Medium: Gingerbread, icing, displayed on aluminum foil-covered support.

Dimensions: 5" high by 42" long. For purposes of this page, the photograph has been divided into three overlapping segments. The top segment begins at the left end, and the bottom segment represents the right end of the lambda genome.

This work is a to-scale genetic map of bacteriophage Lambda, in which block length indicates the length of the ORF, and blocks are decorated with gene name labels.

This work was disincorporated on the day of its international debut at the holiday party of the University of Pittsburgh Department of Biological Sciences in December 1998, when it was transmogrified into the bodies of various biologists. Subsequently the various media of which it was composed (except for the plastic) were decomposed to CO2 and at this moment of your viewing it its atoms may be in the very air you are breathing.