The Fermentation and Biotechnology Division serves members with interests in the molecular biology, genetics, biosynthesis, and bioconversions of natural products including antibiotics, xenobiotics, and macromolecules produced by procaryote and eucaryote microorganisms and animal cell cultures. Programming is directed toward modern molecular aspects of biotechnology and industrial microbiology.

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Notes from Division O Chair

Increasing concerns related to climate change, dwindling fossil fuel resources, and needs for new biological agents are driving unprecedented research efforts on biofuels and natural biobased products. Division O researchers, educators, and students have the unique opportunity to provide biotechnological solutions to these challenges. Although it seems like we just returned from Philadelphia, planning has already started for the 110th General Meeting in San Diego. Help us plan for the upcoming meeting; showcasing the contributions of our members to produce the technologies and products of the future.

--Mike Cotta, Chair, Division O, ASM