Division O usually has about 100 abstracts submitted for consideration for poster presentations at the ASM General Meeting. If a student will be presenting the poster there is an option that can be checked during the application process that requests the student to be considered for an ASM Corporate Sponsor Student Travel Grant. If you want your student to be eligible for one of these travel grants there are seven criteria that must be met. These criteria are as follows: (1) Student has to be the presenter; (2) Student must indicate desire to be considered; (3) Student must be an ASM member (confirmed from membership records); (4) Letter of recommendation from the department must be on file; (5) Student was not selected for a grant in the previous year; (6) Student must be in a recognized educational program. Post-Docs within one year of receiving their terminal degree are also eligible; and (7) Students in the Undergraduate Fellowship or Minority Undergraduate Fellowship Programs (managed by the Education Department) are not eligible.

If any of these criteria are not met the student is not eligible for the grant. These grants are allocated to each ASM division based on the number of qualifying applicants. This year Division O was allocated six of these grants. The more abstracts that are submitted, the more chances we have for additional travel awards, provided the applicants have followed all the directions above.


Joy Peterson, FermentOgram Editorial Board

Recognition of Division O as one of the premiere Divisions in ASM would not be possible were it not for the generous support that it receives through its corporate sponsors. The Division O Mixer is recognized as one of the outstanding social events by the ASM General Meeting organizers. This recognition and the scientific comraderies achieved at the mixer are made possible by generous contributions from BD Diagnostic Systems. We are most grateful for their continuing support!

Fifteen graduate students received travel grants of $500 each to help defray the cost of participating in the General meeting. Travel grants were made possible by the generous support of Kikkoman Corporation, Dupont Company, Elanco Animal Health, Schering-Plough, ASM, and Division O. We are most grateful for sponsorship from these industrial employers of Division O members and hope to further increase, in the coming years, the number of companies supporting Division O activities so that we will be able to provide travel grants to support all meritorious presentations by Division O students.