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EvoGenMicro - An E-mail Discussion Group

What is EvoGenMicro?

EvoGenMicro is an E-mail based discussion group (list server) for Division R which is maintained by the American Society for Microbiology. This service is intended to facilitate communications among individuals who are interested in microbial diversity and systematics, and development of the laboratory, bioinformatic and conceptual tools required to characterize and understand the evolution of genes, genomes and organisms. This forum may be used to discuss any topic related to this topic, ASM, ASM Division R, or other topics of interest to the membership.

Sending Messages to the Group

Group members can send E-mail messages to everyone in the group by addressing them to: EvoGenMicro@mail.asmusa.org


EvoGenMicro is a partially "moderated" list in which all new members of the list will first subscribe. Anyone who subscribes may participate in the discussions. Once approved, all messages will be sent without the need for approval. Any message from a subscriber to the list server will be automatically forwarded to all list members. Members who fail to follow the rules of conduct (below) will be removed from the list.

Dr. Martin G. Klotz has agreed to monitor this group. He will review all postings and will ask ASM to remove any member who uses this list for commercial purposes or exhibits unprofessional behavior.

Joining the Discussion Group

To subscribe to the list, do one of the following:

1. From the ASM Home Page, begin by selecting "My Profile" and then "Manage Email Subscriptions and Alerts" pages. Go to the "Discussion Lists " page.
Enter your email address to access a listing of all available ASM listservs and alert lists. This page shows your status with various listservs. If you have not registered for a listserv, your status will be indicated by "no". To change that status, click on "yes", and click "submit" at the bottom of the form.


2. type the following in the "To:" line of a new message


    Leave the subject line blank.

Removing Your Name

To remove yourself from this group:

1. Go to the "My Profile" and then "Manage Email Subscriptions and Alerts" page. Select "Discussion Lists" page.
Change your status from "yes" to "no" and click "submit" at the bottom of the form.


2) type the following in the "To:" line of a new message


Leave the subject line blank.

DO NOT INCLUDE ANY OTHER TEXT OR WORDING IN THE MESSAGE BODY, not even a return: the software reads any other text or wording as a message to the listserv and will accordingly send the unsubscribe message to the entire group.

Rules of Conduct

1. All postings should be signed with the subscriber's name and E-Mail address. If the posting is an announcement, include contact information such as phone, fax, and E-Mail addresses.
2. Subscribers should be willing to make their names known. Subscribers will not be allowed to conceal their names from being seen on the list, and may not post anonymous messages.
3. Postings to the group should contain questions, comments, or information that is relevant to the group topic and of interest to the entire group. If you disagree with the opinions and information presented by others, please do not challenge or attack these people by "flaming." If you have a differing opinion, please support your opinion or comments and use them to express yourself in a professional manner. Subscribers learn and benefit from qualified responses to situations and questions.
4. Keep the tone of your messages polite. Nothing is served by rudeness.
5. Keep message contents limited to professional topics. Many people pay for their E-mail services on a per message basis. Filling their mailboxes with electronic "junk mail" is not considered polite.
6. Avoid shouting (writing messages in all upper-case letters is considered shouting on the internet).
7. Do not use this list for advertising. Discussion lists are not the place for this activity. It is, however, perfectly reasonable to post a message to the list inquiring about sources for materials or services you require.

Violations of these rules will result in warning, and then removal of list privileges for the offending individual. As the list evolves, these rules may require modification. By applying for list membership, you agree to abide by the current rules and any future modifications the list membership deems appropriate. Questions, complaints, and protests should be sent directly to Dr. Martin G. Klotz, University of Louisville or to Peter Baum at ASM.

For more information, send an E-mail message to:

 Principal Contact

Dr. Martin G. Klotz
University of Louisville
Department of Biology
Life Sciences Bldg. Room 139
Louisville, KY 40292

Phone: 502-852-7779
FAX: 502-852-0725

Alternate Contact

Peter Baum
American Society for Microbiology
1752 N Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036-2904

Tel 202-942-9276
FAX 202-942-9300

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