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November 2000

News Letter

This is our first web page in a while and this is its first newsletter. The letter and the page can be updated by the chair of the Division through the ASM. Our web page is definitely a work in progress and can use your help and input. I would like to thank all those who have provided the initial advice and contributed their thoughts.

At our last division meeting, we had a lively and spirited discussion involving the direction of division V. The division meeting is, like many, extremely small in the number of individuals that attend but provides a forum for discussion of future direction of our division as well as upcoming topics for our annual meeting etc. Of principle concern is the particip ation in the annual meeting, which is waning. Clinical Immunology is divided among several societies including the ASM, Clinical Chemistry, Flow cytometry and the AMLI. I hope that this web page, linked to the others, can provide a continuous forum for the exchange of ideas for our small and fragmented group.

Another important subject discussed by our small gathering has also been a topic at meetings of the other societies, Clinical Immunologists, that is board certification. ABMLI provides an important vehicle for those o f us who direct Clinical Laboratories. Through the auspices of the ASM and the American Academy of Microbiologist, we are able to be CLIA certified lab D irectors. The society supports our educational endeavors by certifying CPEP programs in Clinical Immunology. The numbers of individuals going for certification is decreasing while the number of opportunities for Lab directors\rquote increases. If we as a society and as a division do not continue to support and advance our field it will taken over by others or simply disappear. It is important for us to encourage qualified individuals to apply for certification, take the exams, and become ABMLI Board Certified


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