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August 2002

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Thank you for visiting the ASM Division V (Clinical and Diagnostic Immunology) Web Page.  Below I would like to update you on the recent ASM meeting held in Salt Lake City, May 2002 and let you know of preliminary plans for the upcoming meeting in Washington, DC in May 2003.

Summary of the May 2002 Division V Symposium

The Division V 2002 Symposium began with the Divisional Lecture (also the Abbott Award winner).  This year’s lecturer was Dr. Thomas Waldmann, Chief of the Metabolism Branch at the National Cancer Institute.  Dr. Waldmann shared his research into the cytokines IL-2 and IL-15, their biologic role and clinical applications.

The topic for the Divisional Symposium was “Immunotherapy of HIV Infection”.  The session was chaired by Dr. Alan Landay, from Rush Presbyterian Saint Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago and myself.  This topic was chosen because antiretroviral therapy for HIV infection has serious limitations in the context of long term control of infection and application in resource poor settings.  As such, alternative approaches to control this infection are needed.  To set the background for this topic, Dr. Landay provided an overview of the immunopathogenesis of HIV disease and also discussed the approach of therapeutic vaccinations to control HIV replication. 

Next, Dr. Ronald Mitsuyasu from the University of California Los Angeles gave an overview of the use of cytokines as immunomodulatory agents in HIV infection.  He showed the audience data on the use of IL-2 in HIV infection and the impact upon immune reconstitution.

The third presenter for the symposium was Dr. Lawrence Corey from the University of Washington in Seattle.  Dr. Corey updated those in attendance on the field of preventive HIV vaccines.  Attendees learned of the type of vaccines in development and data on the study of various vaccines.

I would personally like to thank all of the presenters for taking the time to provide all the attendees with updates on this important infectious disease. 

Plans for 2003

As we are still limited to one divisional symposium in 2003 we had to make the difficult decision on what topic to address.  For 2003 we have chosen to have a symposium on the timely topic of the diagnosis of vector borne infections.  Dr. Ronald Schell Chair-Elect, Division V, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and myself will chair this symposium.  For this topic, we have chosen 3 experienced individuals to present at the session.  Dr. Steven Callister, from the Gundersen Medical Foundation in LaCrosse WI, will speak to us on the laboratory diagnosis of Lyme disease.  Next, Dr. David Walker from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston will speak on the serologic diagnosis of Erhlichiosis.  Finally Dr. Robert Lanciotti from the CDC arboviral diagnostic laboratory will discuss the serologic diagnosis of Arboviral infections.

One other item to note is that a lecture on certification programs for Ph.D./M.D. scientists who are pursuing a career in the clinical laboratory sciences will be given at the 2003 meeting.  A speaker, to be determined, will provide information on the utility of obtaining board certification by the American Board of Medical Laboratory Immunology.  Any individuals with an interest in the field of Clinical Immunology should make plans to attend and learn about this important topic.  Further information will be provided on this Web Page as it becomes available.

Other Division V Notes

One thing that you may have noted from this year’ meeting is that we had only 1 Divisional Symposium.  The leadership of the Division strives to make the meeting interesting and provide coverage of a broad variety of topics.  However, in order to make this possible, we need your help.  The number of symposia allotted to Divisions is tied to the number of abstracts submitted.  As I’m sure you deduced, the number of abstracts submitted to Division V has decreased and resulted in a reduction in the number of Divisional Symposia.  The only was to reverse this is to submit your abstracts to the Division!  Please make plans know to submit your interesting research (topic areas can be found on this Web Page) to the Annual Meeting so that we can recover lost symposia and are able to provide you with more opportunities to hear exciting and informative topics at the annual meeting.

Thank you for visiting the Division V Web Page

John Schmitz, Ph.D.

Chair, Division V


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