Courtesy of Linda Sherwood, Montana State University

For this project you will use your talents to create art forms related to microbiology. Possibilities include sculptures, paintings, short stories, or web pages. Together we will negotiate the exact nature of the art forms based on your individual talents and interests. Below are the directions for completing this assignment.

STEP 1 PREPARE A DETAILED PROPOSAL FOR YOUR MICRO ART PROJECT. In the proposal you should clearly describe the art form. You should also indicate how this art form will address the common goals of this project (see score sheet) and describe the specific goals of the project. This proposal is due to me no later than ____________.

STEP 2 MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO MEET AND DISCUSS YOUR PROPOSAL. During our meeting we will negotiate the specific goals of the project and change the proposal if needed so that it better meets the common goals. We will also establish a deadline for completion of the art form.


STEP 4 COMPLETE THE ART FORM BY THE NEGOTIATED DUE DATE. Late projects will not be accepted.

GRADING This project will be evaluated using the score sheet. Submit this score sheet with your project.



___ Meets Common Goals (22 points)a

Demonstrates Use of New Knowledge About Microbes or Microbiological Concepts

Materials Are of Potential Use as Teaching Tools at Either K-16 Levels or for General Public

Information is Provided at Appropriate Level and Depth for the Intended Audience

  • All is (8)b________
  • Most is (6) ________
  • Little is (4) ________
  • None is (2) ________

  • Very useful (6) ________
  • Somewhat useful (4) ______
  • Not useful (2) ________

  • All information is (8) ______
  • Most information is (6) ____
  • Most information is not (4)__
  • None of the information is (2) ________

a Number of possible points.
b The numbers in parentheses indicate the mastery level.

b Numbers in parentheses indicate mastery level.

To Score:

___Creativity and Tone of the Project (12 points)

Project Generates a High Level of Interest Due to Creative Use of Materials or Microbiology Concepts

The Tone (e.g. Humor, Sarcasm, Cuteness) Is Appropriate for Intended Audience

  • Very interesting (6) ________
  • Somewhat interesting (4) ________
  • Not interesting (2) ________ _______
  • Very appropriate (6) ________
  • Somewhat inappropriate (4) ________
  • Not appropriate (2) ________

To Score:

___Accuracy (16 points)

To Score: Use the following criteria to determine the points earned.

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