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Even in Bozeman there are industries where microbes are exploited or where microbes are of major concern. You may take a tour of one facility this semester. After taking the tour, you will write a paper about the tour and what you learned as a result of the tour. The procedures for completing this assignment are described below.

STEP 1 CHOOSE A TOUR. I will arrange a minimum of two tours. Choose one of the tours and see me to sign up for the tour. Each tour has a maximum number of students that can be accommodated, so sign up early.

STEP 2 TAKE THE TOUR. Arrive at the tour site a minimum of five minutes before the tour is to begin and identify yourself as part of the MB101 tour group. Plan on taking notes or in some other way recording the information provided during the tour.

STEP 3 WRITE A PAPER. After completing the tour, review your notes, visit the library to gather more information, and write a paper describing what you learned from the tour and subsequent research at the library. The paper should be typed and double-spaced; it will be returned if it is handwritten. The paper should be written as though you are speaking to someone with no knowledge of microbiology or microorganisms. Indicate the source of any information gathered at the library by using a common method of citation and a standard bibliographic entry in the attached bibliography. In the box t are two examples of commonly used citation methods.

Clancy, M.J., L.M. Smith, and P.T. Magee (1982). Developmental Regulation of a Sporulation-Specific Enzyme Activity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Molecular and Cellular Biology 2:171-178.

Sambrook, J., et al. (1989). Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual, 2nd ed. Cold Spring Harbor, NY: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.

Your paper should address the following questions:

STEP 4 TURN IN THE PAPER ON TIME. The paper should be turned in within one week of completing the tour. Late papers will not be accepted.

GRADING Your score for this assignment will be determined using the attached score sheet. Submit the score sheet with the Micro Tour paper. If the paper is plagiarized, it will be returned, ungraded.



___Citation of Resources for Paper (6 points)

Bibliography Is Attached

Reader Can Locate Cited Documents, Articles, Books, and Web Sites in Library and on WWW

Sources of Factual Information Are Documented in the Text

  • Yes___
  • No___


  • Always (3)___
  • Usually (2) ___
  • Rarely (1) ___
  • Not at all (0) ___

  • Always (3)___
  • Usually (2) ___
  • Rarely (1) ___
  • Not at all (0) ___
a Number of possible points.
b Numbers in parentheses indicate mastery level.


To Score:

___Questions are Answered (8 points)


1. What is the major function of the facility toured?

2. How, in specific terms, does the facility achieve its goals?

3. What is the scientific name of at least one microbe important to the facility you toured?

4. What metabolic, structural, or other characteristics of that microbe contribute to its impact on the facility that you toured?

___Quality of Responses to Questions (22 points)

Responses Are Thorough

Information Is Accurate

Responses Are Made in Language That Can Be Understood by a Non-Scientist

  • All are (8) ____
  • More than 2 are (6) ____
  • About 2 are (4) ____
  • Less than 2 are (2) ____
  • None are (0) ____
  • All information is (8) ____
  • More than 2 the information is (6) ____
  • About 2 the information is (4) ____
  • Less than 2 the information is (2) ____
  • None of the information is (0) ____



  • Always (6) ____
  • Usually (4) ____
  • Inconsistent (2) ____
  • Not at all (0) ____


To Score:

___Quality of Writing (14 points)

Overall Organization

Paragraph Structure

Sentence Structure

Proofreading & Editing

Scientific Names Are Written Properly

  • Overall presentation is logical and the main theses of the paper are easily understood (3) ___
  • Some organization problems, but the main theses of the paper are easily understood (2)___
  • Organization is so poor that the main theses of the paper are difficult to understand (1)___

  • Consistently good paragraph structure is observed (2)___
  • Poorly constructed paragraphs are frequently observed (1)___


  • Grammatical errors are rare (3)___
  • Grammatical errors are relatively common, but do not significantly impact readers ability to understand meaning of sentence (2)___
  • Grammatical errors are so serious and/or frequent that understanding sentences is difficult (1)___

  • No typos and spelling errors (3)___
  • Some typos and spelling errors (2)___
  • Many typos and spelling errors (1)___


  • Always (3)___
  • Usually (2)___
  • Rarely (1)___
  • Never (0)___


To Score: Sum the mastery levels and record the total as the points earned

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