Bulk Email Guidelines

Bulk Email Guidelines for Branches


ASM is pleased to send bulk emails to ASM-related constituencies on your behalf!  As you are aware, ASM policy precludes release of ASM member email addresses to any external party, including Branches. We want you to be able to contact your key prospects and also to have the ability to enlarge your audience by inviting National ASM members, so we are pleased to offer you a bulk email service where ASM can send the notices on your behalf.  This arrangement offers an opportunity to specifically define your audience, so you can either cast a wide net or reach a select group.


To make sure these emails are executed in a timely and error-free manner, the following guidelines have been established.  Please contact Ashley Cavell (acavell@asmusa.org) or Jennifer Mercurio (jmercurio@asmusa.org) with any questions!




1)      Allow 48 hours for distribution of mailing.  Please have your text and audience request to Ashley  Cavell as early as possible.  ASM can guarantee a 48-hour turnaround upon receipt of your materials; we cannot guarantee same day service.


2)      Include a subject line for the message in your request.  If a subject line is not identified, a standard “[Branch] Meeting” subject line will be used.


3)      Do not embed links.  All links included in your message should be written out in a URL format (ie. http://www.branch.org).  Processing the text of a message removes all formatting, including HTML coding, and therefore embedded links are deleted.  To avoid this, always have a link that can be copied and pasted to a browser, if necessary.


4)      Identify a signatory and include their email address.  Every message must contain a volunteer’s signature (full name and consent) and email address.


5)      Any additional mailing lists must be formatted as a data list.  Each record in the list must be distinct from the others.  Only Excel and other spreadsheet files can be accepted.


6)      No HTML formatted messages.  At this time we cannot accept HTML formatted messages.  We can only transfer text to a pre-designed template.  In the future we will have this capability, but until further notice it is not available.


7)      Attachments are now permissible!  In the past ASM did not permit attachments to be included with bulk emails.  However ASM’s technological capabilities have improved and we are now able to offer this feature.  To ensure speed of delivery please ensure all attached documents are as small as possible.