Dear ASM Members:
We are shocked and saddened by the almost unimaginable devastation in the Gulf Coast area following Hurricane Katrina. In this area we have approximately 700 ASM members. We know that some of these members are safe, but many are facing massive disruptions in their personal lives and careers.
ASM will contribute $35,000 to the American Red Cross on behalf of the members.

We urge you to support organized relief efforts for the area. For further information:

A number of you have sent emails inquiring about the safety of your colleagues and asking what can be done to assist fellow members from the affected areas. We have joined ResCross, a non-profit resource which acts as a central internet hub for establishing research support in times of emergency. ResCross has created an ASM message board (, accessible from the ASM website. If you wish to offer assistance, such as lab space, graduate student enrollment, postdoctoral assistance, storage facilities etc. use the site. If you are seeking a place to go or need temporary assistance, use the site.

In addition, ASM will establish a 3 month grace period for payment of 2006 dues (through April 1, 2006) for 2006 renewal of members in the affected areas. Further, ASM would like to remind all those who are struggling in the aftermath of this storm that ASM has a one year 'hardship exclusion' from dues for members. The dues waiver is available to all members once during any member-life. ASM encourages all affected members to consider this option if the payment of dues after April 1st will be a hardship. NOTE: This grace or exclusion applies only to dues. Please give generously and support our colleagues.

Stanley Maloy, PhD