Aaron Neiman

Neiman Aaron 250

The Neiman lab uses the process of sporulation in the baker’s yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, as a model for cellular differentiation. Spore formation involves a form of cell division in which the four daughter nuclei produced by meiosis are encapsulated within newly formed plasma membranes termed prospore membranes. Subsequent to the closure of the prospore membrane, a complex coat called a spore wall is formed around each spore, which provides the spore with resistance to environmental stresses. The lab studies the molecular mechanisms underlying both the formation and growth of the prospore membrane as well as the assembly of the spore wall. These studies take us into a variety of areas of cell biology including vesicle trafficking, signal transduction, and extracellular matrix assembly. Current projects in the lab include focuses on mRNA localization, lipid droplets, and membrane contact sites. 


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