Bryce Falk

Falk Bryce 250

Bryce Falk and his lab members perform fundamental and applied research on plant and insect viruses, and RNA interference. Current efforts include fundamental research to understand crinivirus and torradovirus interactions with their host plant and whitefly vectors. They are using the resulting information to develop tools and approaches to control the diseases caused by these viruses. The lab also is attempting to use plant- and insect-infecting viruses to induce RNA interference effects in Diaphorina citri, the Asian citrus psyllid and vector of the bacterium causing the Huanglongbing (HLB) disease of citrus. HLB curently threatens the U. S. citrus industry. By using a metagenomic approach on worldwide collections of D. citri the lab has discovered several new viruses that affect D. citri. They are now attempting to develop some of these viruses for paratransgenesis approaches in D. citri. 


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