Craig Cameron

Cameron Craig 250

Craig E. Cameron is Professor and holder of the Eberly Family Chair in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at The Pennsylvania State University. Cameron’s research focuses on RNA polymerases and RNA-binding proteins required for viral replication or mitochondrial function. The goal is development of novel strategies to treat or prevent viral infections and mitochondrial dysfunction. His research merges virology, enzymology and pharmacology. With this unique perspective, he revised the antiviral mechanism of ribavirin by demonstrating its mutagenic properties, demonstrated that polymerase speed and fidelity are determinants of viral virulence that can be targeted for antiviral therapy and vaccine development and discovered that the mitochondrial RNA polymerase is the off-target for antiviral ribonucleosides, information essential to development of FDA-approved drugs targeting the hepatitis C virus RNA polymerase. More details can be found here:



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