Dee Carter

Carter Dee 250

Dee Carter is microbiologist at the University of Sydney, Australia, and studies eukaryotic microbes, particularly fungi and algae. Her research has two broad themes: first, understanding the diversity and population biology of microbial eukaryotes and how this influences the establishment of host-symbiont relationships; and second, determining the molecular and cellular response of pathogens to antimicrobials with the aim of developing new therapies. Her ecological work on corals symbionts led to the discovery of Chromera velia, a novel photosynthetic alga that is related to parasites like Plasmodium, the cause of malaria. Dee is head of Microbiology and shares her passion for microbes through undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. So far 19 PhD students have completed their theses in her lab. She promotes microbiology in Australasia through leadership roles in the Australasian Mycological Society and the Australian Society for Microbiology.



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