Erin Lipp

Lipp Erin 250

Dr. Erin Lipp is Professor of Environmental Health Science at the University of Georgia. Her research is focused at the intersection of water, climate, and environmental change on microbial ecology and infectious disease. Her work is helping to define disease ecology at the intersection of environmental and ecosystem health, with an emphasis on water and foodborne diseases. Her work in marine microbial ecology and climate has contributed to the growing field of oceans and human health. Dr. Lipp directed the NOAA funded Georgia Oceans and Health Initiative. She is an active member of the ASM Committee for Environmental Microbiology, a Councilor for ASM, and an associate editor for AEM. Dr. Lipp has been recognized with the Outstanding Research Award for the UGA College of Public Health, the Provost’s Excellence in Research Award, and Fellowship in Public Service and Outreach. She received her PhD in Marine Science from the University of South Florida and BA from New College of Florida.


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