Feng Shao

Shao Feng 250

Feng Shao is an Investigator and Deputy Director of National Institute of Biological Sciences (NIBS), Beijing. Shao studies molecular mechanisms of bacterial virulence and anti-bacteria immunity. His research has revealed the biochemical mechanisms for numerous virulence effectors from pathogens including Shigella and EPEC, which highlights the concept that pathogens often hijack host cellular processes by inducing novel posttranslational modifications. On the host side, he has identified cytosolic innate receptors for bacterial LPS, flagellin, type III secretion apparatus, and also toxins that inactivate host Rho GTPases. These innate immune detections all lead to activation of inflammatory caspases and consequently host cell pyroptosis. Shao and his team have also identified Gasdemin D protein as the pyroptosis substrate for inflammatory caspases, and further discover that the entire Gasdermin family are all pyroptosis factors.


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