Frank Löffler

Loeffler Frank 250

Frank Löffler is a Governor’s Chair Professor at The University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Environmental microbiology research in the Löffler group focuses on the physiology, diversity, distribution, and ecology of microbes in their natural or managed habitats. The goal is to advance understanding of natural microbial processes that control nutrient cycling, contaminant turnover, and greenhouse gas emissions. He leads interdisciplinary teams that take advantage of new scientific discoveries to provide engineering solutions for tackling current and future grand challenges that impact human and environmental health. The basic premise of his research revolves around the idea that nature provides a blueprint for solutions to cope with anthropogenic perturbations. For example, research in his laboratory contributed to the discovery of organohalide-respiring bacteria, which play crucial roles for the turnover of naturally occurring organohalogens and in bioremediation.


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