Ian Wilson

Wilson Ian 250

Dr. Ian Wilson received a B.Sc. in Biochemistry from the University of Edinburgh, a D. Phil. in Molecular Biophysics from Oxford University, and did postdoctoral research at Harvard University. Dr. Wilson has been a Professor at The Scripps Research Institute since 1982 and is Hansen Prof. of Structural Biology and Chair of the Department of Integrative Structural and Computational Biology. His laboratory focuses on immune recognition and, in particular, on how pathogens are recognized by the adaptive and innate immune systems. His laboratory has determined crystal structures of many different antibodies (>175) with a variety of antigens, as well as MHC class I and class II, CD1, T cell receptors, cytokine receptors, Toll-like receptors, and other key pattern recognition receptors. His current focus is on how microbial pathogens are neutralized by broadly neutralizing antibodies of the immune system, particularly influenza virus, HIV-1 and HCV. His lab recently determined crystal structures of the HIV-1 gp140 envelope glycoprotein and the HCV E2 surface glycoprotein. Dr. Wilson also directs the Joint Center for Structural Genomics (JCSG) that has pioneered new methods for high throughput structural studies, including x-ray and NMR. The JCSG has determined over 1600 novel structures since its inception in 2000, and is one of four high-throughput production centers in NIH NIGMS PSI:Biology. 


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