Thomas Richards

Richards Thomas 250

Tom Richards is Professor of Evolutionary Genomics at the University of Exeter in the UK. He works in the division of Biosciences using comparative genomics combined with environmental microbiology methods to understand the diversity and evolutionary relationships of eukaryotic microbes, specifically protists and fungi. , n, nTom’s work focuses on the diversity of eukaryotic microbes and how these fit on to the tree of life. This research involves identifying highly diverse and abundant groups that were previously unidentified and uncultured. He then uses a range of approaches to understand their biology and how they relate to known taxa., n, nHis comparative genomics work focuses on understanding the process of endosymbiosis and the role of horizontal gene transfer in the evolution of cellular functions. This includes how endosymbiotic derived organelles are founded and how HGT shapes the evolution of characters in diverse parasites of plants and animals.



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