Paul Babitzke

Babitzke Paul 180

Paul Babitzke is a Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Director of the Center for RNA Molecular Biology at Penn State University. His lab investigates mechanisms controlling transcription, translation and mRNA stability. His lab discovered NusA-dependent termination and NusG-stimulated pausing in B. subtilis. Their research also explores mechanisms in which RNA binding proteins and RNA structure control gene expression. They identified the mechanisms of several protein-mediated transcription attenuation and translation repression mechanisms. In collaboration with Dr. Tony Romeo, his lab elucidated key features of the global carbon storage regulation (Csr) system of E. coli. CsrA is an RNA binding protein that regulates translation initiation and/or mRNA stability of numerous target mRNAs, while CsrB and CsrC are sRNAs that antagonize CsrA activity. Csr plays a central role in a super-network that controls bacterial physiology and behavior on a broad systems-wide scale.