Alain Filloux

Filloux Alain 250

Alain Filloux is Professor of Molecular Microbiology at Imperial College London, Department of Life Sciences, and in the Centre for Molecular Bacteriology and Infection. Alain Fillloux’s team research is on bacterial pathogenesis, molecular mechanisms of protein secretion, biofilm formation and regulation of gene expression. Early in his career he pointed to the existence of protein secretion systems which are now known as types (T1SS, T2SS, T3SS,….). He now studies the T6SS which is involved in host subversion but also is an antibacterial weapon insuring successful competition against other microorganisms. The system model he worked on is the pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa, one threatening antibiotic resistant organism. He also identified bacterial sensors, e.g. LadS, which switches the bacterial lifestyle driving adaptation to the environment and host. His current work addresses key questions on biofilm, c-di-GMP signaling and T6SS which are relevant for new antimicrobial discovery