Michael Savageau

Savageau Michael 250

Michael A. Savageau is a Distinguished Professor of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics and Biomedical Engineering at The University of California Davis. His contributions to microbial systems biology involve methods for mathematical and computational analysis of complex biochemical systems and methods for rigorous comparison of alternative systems. These have been applied to a wide range of questions, including rules for coupled expression of regulator and effector genes, evolution of genome encoded amino acid bias in biosynthetic pathways, the role of multiple toxin-antitoxin systems in the persister phenotype, rules for hysteretic and graded responses in bacterial two-component signal transduction, and the relation between the topology of partner-switching signaling networks and their physiological roles. Most recently, his rigorous definition of biochemical phenotypes has enabled an innovative phenotype-centric modeling strategy for the elucidation of biological design principles.