Adam Zlotnick

Zlotnick Adam 215

As a Ph.D. student at Purdue, with John E. (Jack) Johnson, Adam Zlotnick published a sole author paper, To Build a Virus Capsid, describing a general model for capsid assembly that enabled thermodynamic and kinetic analyses of assembly reactions. As an independent researcher, first at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and now at Indiana University, Dr. Zlotnick has worked on correlating virus structure with the physics of virus capsid assembly concentrating on Hepatitis B Virus (HBV), but also examining other viruses including CCMV, SV40, HPV16, and BEV. His physical chemical studies of capsid assembly with HBV have contributed to development of small molecule antivirals that accelerate capsid assembly; their activity is analogous to speeding up an assembly line to such a degree that every product is incomplete and/or has multiple defects. Dr. Zlotnick is one of the founders of the Physical Virology Gordon Conference.

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