Nomination & Election

Nominations to AAM Fellowship are no longer being accepted.

If you have already submitted a nomination or supporting nomination statement and received an email confirmation, no further action is needed.

Fellows are asked to serve as a primary nominator for a maximum of two (2) fellowship nominations per cycle. For questions or clarifications, please contact

Fellows are elected through a rigorous peer-review process and selected based on outstanding records of scientific achievement and exceptional contributions to the advancement of microbiology.

For nominators:
1. In addition to describing the nominees service in the field, please also describe the nominee’s leadership, as this more accurately reflects status in the field
2. In addition to national service, please also describe the nominee’s international service
3. While service to ASM is not required, it will be valued when reviewing nominations.

The listed criteria for election to Fellowship are scientific excellence, originality, and leadership; high ethical standards as well as scholarly and creative achievement. Members of the Academy represent a wide variety of microbiology’s many fields, including basic, clinical, and applied research; education, public health, industry, and government service.

Qualifications for Fellowship are:

    • An earned doctoral degree.
    • Senior professional standing recognized at the national or international level.
    • Outstanding and original contributions to the field of microbiology.

Outstanding contributions may be evidenced by distinguished scholarly achievement and a strong publication record, supported by strong professional and editorial board service; honorary, scientific, educational, clinical, and professional achievement awards; inventions; patents; and board certification.

In your explanation of the nominee's achievements please highlight service, awards, and research. 

Nomination to Fellowship is made through the sponsorship of three (3) Fellows in good standing. No more than one person making or supporting the nomination may be from the same work group at the nominee's primary place of employment. Exceptions to any of the above requirements will be considered by the Committee on Elections upon petition of five (5) AAM Fellows in the area of specialization of the nominee.

Letter to Academy Fellows from BOG Chair, Arturo Casadevall

 A complete Fellowship nomination includes:

For further instructions regarding nominating and supporting forms, see here.

All required components must be received by November 4. Any nominations received after this date will be held over until the following year.

The Committee on Elections (COE) reviews nominations each December. Nominations approved by a 2/3 vote of the COE are forwarded to the Board of Governors (BOG). Nominees are then ratified by a 2/3 vote of the BOG at their January meeting. The results are announced in late February and the new Fellows are welcomed each year at ASM’s Microbe Meeting.

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If you have any questions or need additional information, please email