Instructions for Nomination

Nominations for the 2018 Election to Fellowship is now closed.


For Nominators, the following information will be required in the nominating form.

On the nominee:

      • Institution
      • Email
      • Phone     
      • CV (you have the option to upload this at the end of the form)

On the Nominator and Supporting Fellows*:

      • Name
      • Email
      • Institution

Additional Nominee Information:

      • Top Area of Expertise
      • Describe how the nominee's achievements in research, service, mentoring, and/or teaching have had an impact on microbiology. How have the nominee's unique contributions advanced the field? Provide specific examples of significant impact to the field of microbiology (no more than 500 characters).
      • Describe the nominee's most significant scientific accomplishments, awards, honors, and professional service, making specific reference to items in the nominee's curriculum vitae (CV) (no more than 2000 characters).
      • List the nominee’s 12 most important publications. For each one, please include a complete citation and a brief annotation indicating the significance of the publication and the unique contribution made by the nominee.

The online nomination form does not require a signature.

Supporting Form We are currently not accepting nominations for AAM Fellows

Curriculum Vitae: The nominee's CV should be complete and recently updated. It should include honors and awards, teaching, service, professional society memberships, grant review panels, editorial boards, and a complete list of publications. Please include the CV in the nomination form or email the CV to

*Please note that the nominating form requires the name, email, and institution of both Supporting Fellows. Once the form is submitted, an email reminder will be sent to the supporters reminding them to submit their part of the nomination. No more than one person making or supporting the nomination may be affiliated with the same institution as the nominee. It is the nominator's responsibility to obtain the support of the two Fellows seconding the nomination.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please email