Strategic Plan

2013 – 2017



The Academy’s mission is to recognize excellence in the microbiological sciences; foster awareness of advances in microbiology and the potential contributions of these advances to human welfare; provide accurate, science-based information about critical issues in microbiology; and identify and convene experts to consider and advise on issues related to microbiology. The Academy aims to serve as a resource for ASM members, for other operational units of the ASM, for organizations that support microbiology research, and for the public.

The three pillars of the Academy’s mission are: 

  • Identify and Recognize Excellence
    • Recognize outstanding contributions to microbiology by election to Fellowship in the Academy.
    • Administer a prestigious awards program to recognize excellence in microbiology.
  • Advise and Convene
    • Convene microbiologists, other scientists and engineers, educators, government officials, entrepreneurs, and others to participate in colloquia, panels, symposia, roundtables and other meetings.
    • Provide expert scientific opinion on critical issues in microbiology as requested by the Society, foundations and federal agencies.
    • Identify and explore important advances in microbiology and emerging areas of exceptional opportunity.
  • Inform, Educate, and Inspire
    • Provide timely, authoritative, and clear information on relevant topics in microbiology.
    • Provide opportunities for Fellows to interact with and educate students and the public.
    • Increase public awareness of the benefits of microbiology for society



Goal 1. Promote outstanding achievement in microbiology through awards and Fellowship programs

Obj. 1.1 Identify the most diverse possible group of potential nominees for Fellowship.
Obj. 1.2 Ensure that the Committee on Election is diverse in membership and rigorous in applying high standards for its recommendations.
Obj. 1.3 Maintain an awards program that recognizes breadth of achievement in microbiology but is not so large as to dilute the value of each award.
Obj. 1.4 Ensure diverse representation on all award nomination and selection committees and continuously seek to enlarge the pool of appropriate nominees.
Obj. 1.5. Publicize Fellows and award winners within and outside ASM.


Goal 2. Increase awareness of microbiology’s impact on society

Obj. 2.1 Promote awareness of the excitement and value of basic microbiological research.
Obj. 2.2 Promote awareness of the role basic microbiology discoveries can play in solving practical societal problems.
Obj. 2.3 Develop robust program to disseminate colloquium reports and develop derivative products.
Obj. 2.4 Recognize student and postdoctoral scientist achievement in microbiology through awards, press releases, and certificates.

Goal 3. Equip Fellows to be ambassadors for microbiology to students, public, and agencies

Obj. 3.1 Maintain multiple communication channels with Fellows.
Obj. 3.2 Provide outreach opportunities and tools to facilitate Fellows involvement.
Obj. 3.3 Work with branches to involve Fellows in local microbiology activities.
Obj. 3.4 Work with PSAB, Education, and Communications to involve Fellows in their outreach activities.


Goal 4. Enhance the colloquium program to make it the gold standard for assessment of microbiology issues


Obj. 4.1 Colloquia topics should be consistently fresh and stimulating.
Obj. 4.2 Colloquia should involve multiple scientific and technical communities and stakeholders from all relevant sectors and disciplines.
Obj. 4.3 Colloquia should focus on topics for which ASM has significant expertise and credibility, where the AAM is a uniquely qualified convener.
Obj. 4.4 The colloquium portfolio should include examination of issues from a variety of perspectives: basic and applied science, technological progress, infrastructural needs, education, societal challenges, and others.

Goal 5. Integrate Academy activities with rest of Society

Obj. 5.1. Ensure that BOG is kept appraised of activities in other Boards.
Obj. 5.2. Ensure that Academy staff maintains effective communication and coordination with rest of Society.
Obj. 5.3. Encourage Fellows to serve on Boards across the Society.