ASM is working with CDC-Kenya and the Kenyan National Public Health Laboratories (NPHL) to establish a central microbiology laboratory at the NPHL to serve as a reference microbiology laboratory. This will strengthen the organizational structure of the NPHL to establish and offer clinical microbiology services to HIV/AIDS patients countrywide. The referral system envisaged for specimens and bacterial isolates for identification and speciation will operate through the provincial and district hospitals. Essential microbiological technologies will be selected for different levels of the national laboratories and appropriate equipment and reagents for such tests procured. A team comprised of an ASM Program Manager and two consultants traveled to Kenya in February 2007 to assess central, provincial, and district clinical microbiology laboratories. A third consultant accompanied the team to provide technical support for AFB smear microscopy, TB culture, and drug susceptibility testing. Kenya is interested in expanding their culture capacity with the BD MGIT 960 at multiple sites. In 2007-2008, ASM will begin implementation of the strategic plan for clinical microbiology services and address TB diagnostics as needed.