Ken Jost, Jr. (consultant)

Ken is the Tuberculosis Applications Specialist for the Texas Department of State Health Management. He has years of experience with Gen-Probe AccuProbe and validation and implementation ofmethods in the TB lab. From 1994 to 1998, he supervised the TB Identification Sectionwhere the Gen-Probe (amplified and AccuProbe) was used. From 1998 to 2001,He supervised the TB/Mycology Branch that is responsiblesmear, ID and drug susceptibility testing (DST).Currently, he is coordinating thevalidationof first and second DSTon the MGIT 960. In addition, Ken currently serves TB committees for multiple organizations, including the APHL TB Steering Committee. He has also worked as a Global TB Lab consultant for APHL. Notably, he participated in the development of AFB smear microscopy training products that were distributed to more than 600 labs in Mexico and Latin America.