Date:Wednesday, 3/31/2004
Speaker: J. Michael Miller, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA

Synopsis: The epidemiology of community-acquired pneumonias will be reviewed, focusing on what clinical microbiologists need to know about this group of diseases. Then the approach to work-up of respiratory secretions to optimize delivery of clinically useful information will be presented.

Intended Audience: Clinical microbiologists, laboratory personnel, infectious disease clinicians

Objectives: Participants in this audioconference can expect to:

  • Review the role of the laboratory in the diagnosis of pneumonia; and
  • Present the currently accepted procedures used to determine the etiologic agents causing these pneumonias.

CME Disclosures:

  • Currently not available

Termination of CME Credit: This audioconference will not be eligible for CME credit after Mar. 30, 2005.