Date: Wednesday, 2/4/2004
Speaker: Peter Gilliagan, Univ. of North Carolina Hospitals, Chapel Hill, NC

Synopsis: Determining the etiology of wound infections is a demanding and frequently expensive and time-consuming undertaking. The large variety of sites and specimen types that fall under the rubric “wound” makes a brief review of this topic challenging. In this lecture, various strategies for the work up of wound cultures will be outlined.

Intended Audience: Clinical microbiologists including bench level technologists, supervisors, and laboratory managers/directors.

Objectives: Participants in this audioconference can expect to:

  • Learn how to use abbreviated schemes to identify organisms found in wound cultures
  • Learn cost-effective and clinically relevant strategies for the work-up of wound cultures; and
  • Learn the importance of susceptibility testing in the management of wound cultures.

CME Disclosures:

  • Currently not available

Termination of CME Credit: This audioconference will not be eligible for CME credit after Feb. 3, 2005