Genetics 100 Years On
John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK, 9-11 September, 2009
To help celebrate 100 years of genetics at John Innes, join us for a very special symposium. Paul Nurse will open with the Bateson Lecture and Sydney Brenner will close with "Genetics 100 Years On". Sandwiched in between will be reflections on areas of human interest that have been transformed by a genetic approach, examining where they are now, and where they might be in the next 100 years. Come and listen to David Stern, Stewart Cole, Michael Ashburner, Jonathan Hodgkin, John Doebley, Walter Bodmer, Linda Partridge, Michael Stratton, Chris Tyler-Smith, Leena Peltonen-Palotie, Rico Coen, Eric Wieschaus, Rich Losick, Mark Patshne, Daniel St Johnson, David Baulcombe and Caroline Dean.
Student Funding
There will be fully funded PhD student places available covering registration for the Symposium and three nights bed and breakfast accommodation. To apply for a place please send a covering letter of application, a CV and a letter of support from your supervisor to Thursday 30th April 2009.
If you are interested in the history of genetics there is a one day meeting immediately preceding the symposium, and if you have ever worked at JI there is an Alumni Day following the symposium where you can meet up with old friends.