Microbiological Societies in North Africa and The Middle East

The Arab Society of Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobials (AIDA)
Address: Nozha Internatinal Hospital, Helioplis, Cairo, Egypt.
Contacts Prof. Magdy El Guinady; Guinaidy@asida.org;
Prof. Mohamed El-Bokl; info@asida.org Tel: (202) 2660555  Fax: (202) 2660717

The Egyptian Society for Environmental Sciences
Suez Canal University, Faculty of Science, Botany Department
P.O: 41522 Email: info@eses-catrina.com, eses_eg@yahoo.com
Tel:  (002)0122724263, Fax: (002)064-33-22381

The Egyptian Society for Tropical Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Parasites
Contact:  Professor Ahmed El-Garem
Tel: (202) 4532916, (202) 4532916 Fax: (202) 4533515 

Egyptian Society of Immunologists Egyptian Society of Laboratory Medicine
Contact:  Professor Swasan Hosny
Tel: (202) 3654480