Mozambique has requested support from ASM to provide technical assistance to its laboratory system, specifically for the strengthening of diagnostics for common OIs through laboratory infrastructure improvement and training of laboratory personnel. In August 2007, ASM participated in a CDC-Mozambique sponsored meeting of partners in preparation for the drafting of the next country operational plan. Potential activities for 2007-2008 include:

§ Assessing the central laboratories to determine the level of OI clinical laboratory services in Mozambique;

§ Developing a strategic plan for the establishment of services at the central level;

§ Assisting the national laboratory to develop and institute laboratory standards and procedures;

§ Training Mozambiquan technologists and scientists on clinical microbiology diagnostics - identification and speciation of clinically relevant pathogens in HIV/AIDS patients;

§ Providing technical guidance for laboratory infrastructure development and procurement of specialized microbiology equipment and reagents;

§ Developing and implementing a laboratory QA program for microbiology to include a training plan for laboratory personnel and guidelines for supervision and oversight for quality standards; and

§ Dissemination of laboratory standards and SOPs to all laboratories throughout the country.