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Program Committee Chair
Jeffrey Olimpo, PhD

Program Committee Vice-Chair
Jaclyn Madden, MS

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Agar Art by: Kimberly Payne, 
University of Pittsburgh 

"I began attending ASMCUE nine years ago. My involvement with ASMCUE inspired me as an adjunct professor to pursue a PhD in science education. I've benefited both professionally and personally from becoming involved in this wonderful conference."
Andrea Rediske, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

Who Attends

Who attended in 2018?

356 people attended ASMCUE, compared to 347 in 2017.

  • About 1/3 teach at community colleges, 1/3 at doctoral-degree granting universities, and 1/3 primarily undergraduate institutions
  • Nearly 85% were ASM members
  • Over 40% were first-timers 
  • 11 post-docs and 12 students
  • 12 international attendees from 6 countries 

Parting Impressions in 2017

In post-conference surveys, 97% of 2017 conference attendees said they would recommend ASMCUE to a colleague.

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ASMCUE 2013-2017 Conference Demographics

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