Harris, Norman MacLeod


Dates:           b. 1870; 1900's at Chicago; Left around 1920; d. 1953
Locations:    Assist. in Bacteriology, Johns Hopkins University (late 1890's); Assist Prof. Dept. of Path. and Bact., Univ. of Chicago, (1902‑1910's); Chief, Laboratory of Hygiene, Ottawa Canada (mid 1920's)
Training:      M.B.;
Fields:        medical; milk
Publications: Harris and Longcope, "Micrococcus zymogenes:  Some Additional Observations upon its Occurrence," Centbl. Bakt., Abt. 1 30 (1901): 353‑356; "The Relative Importance of Streptococci and Leucocytes in Milk," J. Infect. Dis. suppl. 3 (1907): 50‑62; SAB Involvement:  Charter SAB member; SAB Council Member 1901, 1909; SAB President 1925; member SAB Comm. on Publication 1903‑1904; SAB Sec. Tres. 1908, 1909; Chaired Session on General Bacteriology 1924 SAB; attended 1925 SAB meeting
Presidential Address: “Our Society in Retrospect and Prospect” J. Bact. 11:153-164 http://jb.asm.org/cgi/reprint/11/3/153
     Harris assisted Jordan in his futile search for a bacterial agent responsible for milk‑sickness.
     While at Hopkins, Harris would perform the routine bacteriological examinations that were part of every autopsy. 
     At the 1900 meeting of the SAB in Baltimore, Harris described "A Preliminary Report upon a Hitherto Undescribed Pathogenic Anaerobic Bacillus," obtained from an autopsy, which was discussed by Welch.  At the 1902 meeting, Harris presented a "Demonstration of the Value of MacConkey's Medium for the Differentiation of B. Coli from B. Typhosus," a technical paper with implications for sanitary/water bacteriology. 
     At the 1904 meeting of the SAB, Harris submitted an abstract on "The Construction of a Thermostat‑Room," a purely technical description which was read in title only and later appeared in both the Centralblatt and the Journal of Experimental Medicine.  At the 1905 SAB, Harris discussed the "Value of the Voges‑Proskauer Reaction," as a means of differentiating members of the hemorrhagic septicemia group, and others.  Harris found the test of little value.
     At the 1908 meeting, Jordan and Harris reported on a new species, "Bacillus lactimorbi:  Its Relation to Milk‑Sickness and Trembles."  The organism was found in several cases from cattle, horses and lambs, and the pathological condition could be reproduced in experimental animals.  Their description was tentative, as the organism "was very prone to undergo considerable variation in morphology due to methods of cultivation, temperature and fluctuations in reaction of the media being chiefly responsible.
     Harris was included in the 1914 SAB program, with a short technical discussion of "Some New Applications in Synthetic Media."
     Harris finally returns to the SAB program in 1924, to report "Some Observations on Endo's Medium."




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