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2017-2018 Board of Directors

Congratulations to the Council on Microbial Sciences’ (COMS) new Board Directors: Victor DiRita and Amy Cheng Vollmer.  Drs. DiRita and Vollmer were elected to this position by the members of COMS.   The Board of Directors looks forward to welcoming Drs. DiRita and Vollmer to these important new leadership positions which allows them to make a difference for ASM and for the whole field of microbiology. Click here for more information about COMS and the BOD.


  • Peggy Cotter ('19), President
  • Michele Swanson ('20), President-Elect
  • Susan Sharp ('18), Past President
  • Timothy Donohue ('20), Secretary
  • Marylynn Yates ('20), Treasurer
  • Stefano Bertuzzi, CEO, ex officio, non-voting

COMS-elected Board Directors:

  • Victor J. DiRita
  • Amy Cheng Vollmer


  • Greetchen Diaz ('18), Early Career
  • Patricio Acosta ('18), International
  • Stanley Maloy ('19)
  • Robin Patel ('19)
  • Karen Carroll ('20)
  • Virginia Miller ('20)

What does the Board of Directors do?