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A Message from our President

Dear Members,

Happy fall! As we head for the holidays, I am writing to inform you about the Board of Directors meeting that occurred last week on Oct. 27th. The ASM Board of Directors meets at ASM headquarters three times per year. The fall meeting has a major goal of finalizing the budget for the next fiscal year. Other items were also discussed.

Key items on the agenda included:

President and CEO updates
ASM CEO Stefano Bertuzzi and I started the meeting with a review of events that had occurred since July 1st, and updates on what to expect in the upcoming months. My report centered around communication and responses to inquiries regarding ASM’s breakeven budget proposal, which I described to you in previous letters. Stefano focused on upcoming initiatives that include the first Corporate Council meeting in December, ASM Press evaluation, and the ongoing strategic analysis of ASM meetings and conferences.

The 2018 budget approval
We are happy to announce that ASM succeeded in achieving a breakeven budget for 2018.  As you know, we had to make difficult decisions. One especially hard one was to freeze ASM staff salaries for 2018. These, and other, difficult decisions are allowing us to begin the process of right-sizing the organization’s spending trends and setting ASM up for future success.

ASM Elections
The BOD was informed of all candidates nominated for ASM’s 2018 election. Voting begins on November 1 and ends on December 1, 2017, so don’t forget to vote! You can click here to view the candidates and cast your vote starting November 1.

Other updates:

ASM member communication channel review
ASM will be undergoing a detailed evaluation of all member communication channels to ensure that we are communicating with our stakeholders in the most efficient and effective way possible. In the interim, we will pause publishing Cultures magazine in 2018. For those who are unfamiliar with Cultures, it is ASM’s quarterly publication geared towards students and thought leaders in the global application of the microbial sciences. During its strategic planning for 2019 (the focus of the February Board of Directors meeting), the BOD will decide, with member input, the best use of ASM’s resources regarding member communication. Based on the outcome of that discussion, Cultures may resume in 2019.

MicroNow integrates with asm.org
One of the key concepts in the changing landscape for professional societies is developing a digital forum that can aggregate and curate relevant information for members. Part of any good experiment is taking a look at what you find and making smart decisions based on those findings. In looking at the costs and possible synergies, we found that we can achieve efficiencies by incorporating the MicroNow platform into the new ASM.org website, which is being developed in 2018. Towards achieving a breakeven budget for 2018, the decision was made to halt micronow.org as a self-standing website starting 12/31/17. We will be repurposing the MicroNow concept on the revamped asm.org when it debuts in mid-2018.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at ASMPresident@asmusa.org.

Thank you,


Peggy Cotter
ASM President