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ASMCUE 2017 Final Program 

Past Meeting Materials

Program Committee Chair
Amy Siegesmund, PhD

Program Committee Vice-Chair
Jeffrey Olimpo, PhD

Program Committee Members

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"I began attending ASMCUE nine years ago. My involvement with ASMCUE inspired me as an adjunct professor to pursue a PhD in science education. I've benefited both professionally and personally from becoming involved in this wonderful conference."
Andrea Rediske, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

Submission of Oral Presentations

Microbrew abstract submission is now closed. 

Microbrew Oral Presentations: Mixing Ideas for Successful Teaching Strategies in Microbiology 

The ASMCUE Program Committee invites Microbrew abstract submissions on best practices in microbiology or biology education. This session is a forum for sharing classroom and laboratory ideas and activities.  Each presenter will have a 15-minute time slot (10-minute presentation; 5-min Q&A) in which to discuss topics such as (but not limited to) successful:

  • In class activities
  • Service learning ideas
  • Project ideas
  • Field activities
  • Laboratory activities
  • Discussion starters
  • Study tools
  • Assessment tools
  • Class management ideas

Assessment of the topics presented is NOT required, and presenters should use this time as an opportunity to field test the ideas and activities that they have developed on an audience of their peers. We do allow product placements such as using Social Media and software in Microbrew presentations as long as you are not a representative of the company. Microbrews are not a forum for sales-pitches and we prefer to highlight products other educators can readily adopt and are open access. To see samples of accepted abstracts, please visit Past Meeting Materials.   

Microbrew Abstract Format

Authors will be asked to provide the following:

Title: Please formulate a title that clearly expresses the topic to be discussed in the session. (In bold and the first letter of each word capitalized).

Authors: List of all abstract authors and institutions represented.

Activity appropriateness: Please select one of the following choices:

Classroom _____ Laboratory _______ Out of Class Activity _________

Abstract: Please provide a concise summary of the topic to be discussed in 300 words or less.

Keywords: Please select 3 scientific or pedagogical keywords that appropriately reflect the topic presented.

Intended Audience: Please note the audience(s) for which your topic will be appropriate:

  • Microbiology/Biology majors
  • Allied health majors
  • Biotechnology majors  
  • Science education majors
  • Nonmajors
  • All of the above

Core Concepts: Please select up to two concepts from the ASM Recommended Curriculum Guideline related to your submission:

  • Evolution 
  • Structure and function
  • Pathways 
  • Information flow 
  • Systems
  • Impact of microorganisms
  • Advancing STEM education and research
  • Laboratory competencies