ASM Microbe 2017 Final Program 

ASM Microbe 2017 Exhibit and Poster Hall Activity Guide 

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Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
900 Convention Center Blvd.
New Orleans, LA 70130

"The experience for me as a new tech attending the first ASM Microbe conference was very informative and enjoyable."
Tyrell Cox, Medical Lab Scientist, BUMCT

Abstracts and Sensitive Issues

"The Council Policy Committee of the American Society for Microbiology affirms the long-standing position of the Society that microbiologists will work for the proper and beneficient application of science and will call to the attention of the public or the appropriate authorities misuse of microbiology or of information derived from microbiology. ASM members are obligated to discourage any use of microbiology contrary to the welfare of humankind, including the use of microbes as biological weapons. Bioterrorism violates the fundamental principless expressed in the Code of Ethics of the Society and is abhorrent to the ASM and its members." 

The main factores considered by the reviewers in qualifying abstracts for acceptance are the quality of the research, the content of the abstract and the presentation of the abstract. Refer to the reasons for rejection listed below which are used by the reviewers. In addition, you must obtain the approval of all co-authors before placing their names on the abstract. Failure to do so will result in immediate rejection of the abstract as soon as the reviewers are aware of the violation. Because of the time constraints associated with a meeting of this size, there is no appeal process and no opportunity to resubmit when an abstract is rejected. Threfore, be certain that your abstract submission meets the criteria and guidelines given in the Call for Abstracts. 

Reasons for Rejection

  1. PW - Poorly Written: Abstract is difficult to read and/or understand. 
  2. DA - Duplicate Abstract: The abstract contents substantively overlap with contents of another submitted abstract by the same author or co-author. Reviewers may elect to accept a single abstract and suggest that the authors consolidate their materials. 
  3. CA - Combine Abstract With...
  4. MRS - Missing Reason for Study: Abstract does not clearly state the reason for the study or how the study came about. 
  5. MM - Missing Methods: Methods for the study are missing or inadequate. 
  6. ID - Insufficient Data Presented: Data not objectively gathered, analyzed and reported. Inadequate sample size for the study. Statistical evaluation not included where indicated. 
  7. NC - No Conclusion(s): Abstract fails to describe the conclusion(s) of the study. Data do not support the stated conclusion(s). 
  8. NA - Not Appropriate: The content of the abstract is not relevant to any of the meeting's tracks. 
  9. NN - Nothing New
  10. NLB - Not a Late-Breaker
  11. PN - Promotional in Nature: The abstract was written to promote a specific product od procedure on behalf of a specific company or organization. 
  12. CR - Case Report: Abstract is a case report lacking remarkable information. 
  13. GDO - General Description Only: Abstract is a general description of a managerial innovation, a new product, or reads like an advertisement. 


Abstract disposition notices will be made available through email notification to presenting authors only in late-February 2017. The online notification of acceptance status includes a printable copy of a formal acceptance letter. It is the responsibility of the presenting author to inform all co-authors of disposition status and accepted abstract scheduling information. 

If you and/or your lab have more than one abstract accepted, please be aware that for a meeting of this size, it is not possible to consider special scheduling requests. If you have not received notification by late-February 2017, email to have a disposition notice resent. 

Accepted Abstracts 

The reviewers determine the appropriate method for presentation based on the subject matter. Requests for a particular day or time of presentation based on the subject matter. Requests for a particular day or time of presentation, or proximity to another abstract presentaion, and presentation formats are not accepted by the reviewers. There will be thousands of abstracts presented during ASM Microbe 2017 and the programming of these presentations is a formidable task even without special considerations. 

Poster Sessions

Poster sessions are scheduled for a full day of display. The presenter must prepare a poster that will fit within the dimensions of the poster board, which is 4 feet tall by 8 feet wide. The poster presenter must also be prepared to be at his or her board for an assigned 2 hour time commitment. Posters must remain up for the entire day on which the poster is to be presented. Posters must be rmoved at the time the Exhibit and Poster Hall closes, as poster presenters will not be allowed entry into the Exhibit and Poster Hall after it closes. 

Oral Presentations

Oral papers that are selected are scheduled with 10 minutes of slide (PowerPoint) presentation followed by five minutes of discussion. If not selected for an oral abstract presentation, you may be considered for a Poster Talk or Rapid Fire presentation. A computer will be available in each session room for use in presenting PowerPoint presentations. This will eliminate the need to bring a laptop computer. IT IS REQUESTED THAT ALL PRESENTER USE POWERPOINT TO PREPARE THEIR PRESENTATIONS. All session rooms will be networked onto a server, which will project all PowerPoint presentations onto the screen located in the room. One month prior to the meeting, a server will be available to upload presentations prior to your arrival at the meeting. Further detailed information will become available at a later time. 


Withdrawal of Abstracts

If an abstract must be withdrawn from consideration, the author must send a letter of explanation to ASM. Please email Withdrawals of abstracts made after February 27, 2017, can be subject to a penalty as described below. 


Any author who withdraws an abstract after the published deadline of February 27, 2017, or who fails to present the abstract at the scheduled time and place during the ASM Microbe 2017, may be prohibited form presenting a poster at any ASM sponsored meetings for the following three (3) years. 

Notification of Penalty

A letter will be mailed to those who are subject to this penalty. Those who wish to dispute the penalty must do so in writing to the reviewers. The letter must be addressed to: 

Nicole Dubilier, PhD
Robin Patel, MD
ASM Microbe 2017 Co-Chairs