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Career Connections
Post your resume or scope the job market.

Career Portal
Valuable information about varying careers, CV preparations and more - coming in 2013!

Advance your career with an ASM mentor.

Continuing Education (CME/CE)
At each educational activity such as the General Meeting, Biodefense, ICAAC, workshops and teleconferences, select sessions are designated for specific credit types. ASM Continuing Education programs provide a variety of credits including Continuing Medical Education and Continuing Pharmacy Education.

Professional Certification
The American College of Microbiology administers highly stringent certification examinations for clinical and industrial microbiologists and immunologists and accredits postdoctoral training programs in clinical microbiology and immunology.

Access to a full host of awards, grants, fellowships and other opportunities that reward your science and provide funding for further exploration.

Committee on Postgraduate Educational Programs (CPEP)
Prepare for leadership roles in the clinical microbiology or immunology professions. Postdoctoral training in a CPEP-approved program is the best first step toward an exciting career and professional certification by the American Board of Medical Microbiology or the American Board of Medical Laboratory Immunology.

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Listservs and Alerts
Listservs about specific topics and Alert lists are for timely announcements in specific topic areas

Divisions represent the full spectrum of microbiology by organizing scientists with similar scientific interests and research goals. 

Member Directory   
Search for members working in your discipline, geographic area, job function, etc

International Ambassadors
ASM International Ambassadors promote both the advancement of microbiology in the region and the Society's interests.

Connect with colleagues at the local level through Branch programming

Volunteer Translator Network
The Volunteer Translators Network Program makes ASM's web-based materials more accessible to international members. 

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ASM journals deliver up-to-date and authoritative coverage of both basic and clinical microbiology.  With over 90 years of experience, ASM journals continue to be the most prominent in the field and the leading source for the latest in microbiology research.

The Society's first open-access online journal designed to make microbiology research broadly accessible.

ASM Press
ASM's outstanding books deliver up-to-date and authoritative coverage of both basic and clinical microbiology.  Members receive significant discounts on most titles.

General Meeting
Microbiologists from around the world exchange information and gain insight across a variety of scientific disciplines and also conduct the business of the Society. 

Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC)
The premier global meeting on infectious diseases.

Biodefense Research Conference
Leading scientists, public health researchers, and policy makers will gather to learn about the latest advancements in the biodefense and emerging disease fields

Other scientific opportunities include topical Conferences held globally, live teleconferences, and webinars. CME accreditation and other types of accreditation for multiple disciplines are provided by ASM.

Microbe Magazine
Microbe, the monthly news magazine of the ASM, keeps members informed of Society activities, meetings, educational and employment opportunities, new publications, national political developments of interest to the microbiological community, as well as information about current scientific developments.

MicrobeLibrary Visual Collection
Visual Media Briefs (formerly the Visual Collection) consist of high-quality, short communications with digital images, animations, and videos about the microbial world which include introduction, methods, discussion, and reference sections.

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President's Newsletter


Public Affairs
Monitors and responds to public policy issues related to research, public health, clinical, environmental and other issues involving microbiology.

ASM educates the public about how microbiology impacts their daily lives and behaviors that can help improve public health.

Academy Colloquia Reports
The American Academy of Microbiology (AAM) is the honorific leadership group within the ASM.The academy regularly convenes colloquia for in-depth analysis of critical issues in microbiology and publishes scientifically well-founded that provide expert advice and practical recommendations.

Since 2005, the ASM LabCap Program has been strengthening and expanding clinical microbiology services in resource-limited countries through the training of laboratory staff.

Join your colleagues who are developing meaningful programming, delivering grants, reviewing journal articles, and more by volunteering with one of ASM's eight Boards

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