Tech Award LPThe New Tech Professional Development Grant was given to clinical laboratory scientists to attend ASM Microbe 2017. They had the opportunity to network with their peers over dinner, share best workflow practices, and sharpen their career goals.  

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Poster 1 CLPYou most likely receive formal training for communicating your research to other scientists, which is thoroughly practiced at meetings and seminars, but what about to non-scientists? ASM is providing multiple sessions at Microbe 2017 to teach you how to share your science in the forms of blogs, social media, and videography.


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Crystal IcenhourWhile growing up, Crystal Icenhour worked in her family’s business, a large truck repair shop. She did everything from helping her mother with accounting to assisting her father with inventory and mopping the floors. Fast forward to today—after a blur of high-quality education (she finished her Ph.D. in a jaw-dropping four years) and starting a family—Crystal is CEO at Aperiomics.

How did Crystal go from earning her Ph.D. in pathobiology and molecular medicine to becoming the CEO of her own start up? Read about her story.

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Monday, 23 May 2016 09:54

Career Activities at ASM Microbe 2016

FINAL ASM web banner V2In our second edition of a two-part series about Microbe 2016, we invited Dr. Laura Runyen-Janecky, Professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Richmond to provide insight on how students and postdocs can navigate the careers activities at Microbe 2016. Large meetings hosted by the American Society for Microbiology (such as ASM Microbe 2016, which is General Meeting and ICAAC combined) have plentiful opportunities to learn about cutting edge microbial science and to draw ideas and inspiration for one’s own science.  What many students and postdocs may be unaware of, however, are the equally exciting opportunities for career exploration and skill development alongside the super scientific discourse that is occurring daily. Whether you are an undergraduate student presenting your research for the first time at a national meeting, a graduate student contemplating future career options, or a postdoc wanting to develop a specific professional skill, ASM Microbe 2016 has just the workshop/session for you.

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