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2nd ASM Conference on Experimental Microbial Evolution

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Meeting Location  

 The Mayflower Hotel
 1127 Conneticut Ave NW
 Washington, DC 20008



The past quarter century has witnessed a dramatic increase in the use of microorganisms to study evolution experimentally. Microbes reproduce quickly, exhibit astonishing ecological diversity, and can be cheaply and easily propagated. Using microbial models, entire evolutionary sequences lasting hundreds to tens of thousands of generations can be preserved by archiving populations as frozen stocks, then dissected using the microbial genetics toolkit.

At the 2nd ASM Conference on Experimental Microbial Evolution this August in Washington, DC, we will discuss how the experimental approach, using Viruses, Bacteria, “lower” Eukaryotes and digital organisms, is revolutionizing our understanding of adaptation, recombination and mutation rates, speciation and the evolutionary transitions from prokaryotic to eukaryotic and from unicellular to multicellular life forms.