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Membership on the ASM Corporate Council offers a unique opportunity for ASM and industry to move beyond the traditional relationship of exhibits and sponsorships by creating a synergy among microbiology experts for exploring and experimenting with new and creative ideas to address the needs of the microbial sciences community.  Working side-by-side, the ASM and Corporate Council leaders will strengthen relationships and communication among the academic, regulatory and industrial microbiology communities to support collaboration and discovery in microbiology.
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In my experience working with the ASM Corporate Council members, I have seen many times when collaboration for the good of the scientific community has trumped the need for competition. These are the times when partnerships truly facilitate change.

Joseph Campos, PhD, ASM Laison, Strategic Alliances

Allergan is committed to responding to some of the most challenging infections facing our society today, and our leadership in tandem with the ASM Corporate Council is an important step in finding effective strategies to face this crisis.

David Nicholson, PhD, Chief R&D officer, Allergan

As we work to create new ways to fight resistant infections, we see our partnership with ASM as a strategic way to connect and share information with the clinical microbiology and infectious diseases community.

Larry Mehren, President and CEO, Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc.

Luminex is very excited to partner with ASM on the launch of their new Corporate Council. We recognize the value and importance that a strong collaboration between industry, ASM and key thought leaders in microbiology can bring towards improving outcomes for patients.

Eric Shapiro, Vice President, Global Marketing, Luminex

The ASM Corporate Council includes diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies that are driven by the need to improve patient care. ASM is proud to partner with these outstanding organizations.

Susan Sharp, PhD, ASM President